training 2020: february

Current status

Cycling: 1,081km of 7,500km (230km behind pace)

Running: 97km of 600km (7km behind pace)

The second wettest February since records began, many storms, and booking the bike in for a service have all meant that I’m falling behind my cycling target.


Totals for all activities this year.

DistanceTimeElev. gainCount
January556.3km32h 22m5,334m29
February546.2km30h 30m4,953m34


I have exported my training from Strava so I can start creating more detailed statistics. Here is a chart of February’s cycling distance accumulation in red. January’s is in grey. Mid-January I was busy with work, and the second half of February had stormy, wet weather.

training 2020: introduction

Finally getting around to writing about my training goals for this year.

Cycling: 7,500km

Running: 600km

I’m focussing on cycling, so the running distance is set low.

Current status

Cycling: 708km (50km behind pace)

Running: 50km (10km behind pace)


Totals for all activities this year. (Need to find a way to split Strava monthly totals into separate sports. Totals include walking, too.)

DistanceTimeElev. gainCount
January556.3km32h 22m5,334m29
February217.6km10h 46m1,676m7

Winter tree, by Stephen

Version 1

The winter skeleton of the flame red autumn tree
forlorn against the glowering grey sky
bends back and forth in the wind
dancing through the winter storm
waiting for spring buds to create its summer dress

Version 2

Sitting on the freezing park bench
looking at the grey frost covered tree
remembering the flame red autumn tree

The sky roofed over with low grey cloud
Mirrored in the frozen pond
the mind slowly clouding like the sky

senses dulling over going numb
the world going grey in the mind
slowly becoming one with my little tree

rapid thumping coming closer
high pitched laughter and a squeal
small arms wrapped round the neck

a voice telling me Im cold
as I swim back to reality
lets go get a hot drink