training 2020: introduction

Finally getting around to writing about my training goals for this year.

Cycling: 7,500km

Running: 600km

I’m focussing on cycling, so the running distance is set low.

Current status

Cycling: 708km (50km behind pace)

Running: 50km (10km behind pace)


Totals for all activities this year. (Need to find a way to split Strava monthly totals into separate sports. Totals include walking, too.)

DistanceTimeElev. gainCount
January556.3km32h 22m5,334m29
February217.6km10h 46m1,676m7

Lost in the trees

A while ago Allan told me he had spotted a sculpture hidden in the trees. I had a look but couldn’t see it. A few weeks ago I went back and because the trees are bare I finally could see it clearly and took some photos. Today I got round to the other side to get some photos of the sculpture from there and some detailed shots as well.

It reminds me of someone finding a Mayan Carving in the jungles.

Its actually a sculpture by Charles Anderson made in cast concrete with coloured cement. Possibly made in 1978.