Cafe life three and four

Cafe 3

long walk
sore feet
good to walk
good to rest

Look around
See Cafe
look in window
look at menu

Sticky table
Busy place
to much noise
to much heat

Cold drink
Food coming
Hope its good
Hope its filling

Cafe 4

The place is nice
The food is good
The coffee tastes just right

In an empty place
With empty chairs
As silence swirls around

A ghostly place
A place that waits
A place with no one in

Its a great shame
for wonderful staff
whos customers have gone

The place is nice
The place is silent
It soon may be no more

Empty Cafe

Cafe life one and two

Two short poems on cafes

Cafe 1
The babble of voices
stories being exchanged
The hum of cafe life
its almost feeling normal
For now that is

Cafe 2
Quiet music in front
amateur critics to the right
football pundits to the left
all cafe life is here

Someone just came in
sitting behind me
what subject will they pick
to enrich the cafes buzz

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