Photographing whats no longer there

A while ago we were choosing a topic to take photos of and it was railways that was chosen. Unfortunately I was to ill to do it but it started me thinking about the railways that use to be in Glasgow. Up to the nineteen sixties the centre of Glasgow was surrounded by big railway stations and depots but now most have not only gone but in one case there is almost no trace left to let you know they existed so I decided to take some photos of the railways that have disappeared.

This first one is the high street goods yard and station. This was a huge complex but now there is virtually nothing left to show it was there. The map below shows the site of the goods yard and station. The area with red round it was the original station and there was another small one to the north of high street station. That grew to take up the area outlined in grey on the map.

This is what it looks like from the ground. the photo was taken from approximately where the yellow line is on the map.

The only sign of the old goods yard is the strange white strip in the car park and the light patch in the grass it leads into. This is the remains of a platform. The photos below show all that remains. The cobbles just showing through the grass are the platform and if you go to the left or right across the very wide platform you will eventually find the stones running along the edge.

One last thought, as I was working on this it struck me that there must have been a huge amount of traffic coming into and out of the goods station so the roads must have been pretty choked up. The other thing to remember is that for a long time that traffic would have been horse drawn with all the problems that would cause with small loads and pollution.

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